Look of the day- simple eyeliner and an easy bun:)

Hey guys,

Today is the day i am going to start blogging in english. I have a lot of readers worldwide and they asked me to blog in english. My english is may not the best so please forgive me my spelling errors. Buts its a good exercise for me, so i try my very best:)

Today i am going to show you two of my favorite videos for a daily look. I personally prefer a simple daily look with a eyeliner and an easy bun. I found a really good video to get a perfect eyeliner. Its a lot of practice, so do it day by day and try to get perfection. A bun is a perfect hairstyle for every day and a did a video years ago how to get a perfect bun. Check it out, its so easy!! 

Have fun and a very lovely day!

XOXO Carmen

this is my daily look:)

this is how to get the perfect eyeliner!

and here you get a simple bun tutorial:)

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  1. der eyeliner ist toll gezogen;) krieg ich NIE so hin XD
    kunterbunte Küsschen