How to do the latest hairstyle

Last week i went to the hairdresser, to get the latest haircut. It is a blunt-cut with bangs as seen on Suki Waterhouse, Alexa Chung or Karlie Kloss. I am so obsessed with my new cut and i love to wear it in a light,curly way as they do. On todays post you can learn, how i changed my straight hair into this it-girl hairstyle! Enjoy! xx

This is how i wear my hair right now!

So lets get started:

To get those loose, light curls i use this HHSIMONSEN curler. Its thicker at the end and it makes my hair not too curly. If you dont want to get a new curler use a classic curler and dont curl the ends. That looks like the same.

Before i start curl my hair i used a heat protector. I prefer the Paul Mitchell Heat Seal. It protects my hair and the curls hold way better! I took very small sections and curled the hair section by section. Dont forget to also curl the bangs! When you're finished, brush the hair very well. Curls should look very natural. For the last step, shake your head and spray a bit of a fine hairspray in. I always use Joico Shaping Spray. Its an ultra fine but long lasting spray.

How fast was this!! If you used enough heat protector, the curls should hold until the next day! This is my before and after picture:

Take care, XOXO Carmen


  1. Looks super pretty! Where's the curler from? x

    1. thx<3 the curler is from HH Simonsen! xxx

    2. thank you:) do i have to order it or is it available in switzerland or even lucerne? x

    3. already ordered :)